Ashley Stolzmann Colorado
  • Funding: The biggest issue in implementing our collective transportation vision is inadequate funding. My experience as Denver Regional Council of Governments Board Chairperson and Transportation Planning Region Chair means I know how to bring additional dollars to our communities.
  • Transportation Emissions: I have a strong track record in Louisville of delivering multimodal solutions all while maintaining our critical transportation infrastructure. We must take action to accelerate EV adoption to reduce emissions and increase transit ridership.
  • Transit: We must promote public transit, to ensure that all have mobility, regardless of age or ability. I will continue to advocate for fare-free transit as your commissioner. I will also continue to advocate for improved paratransit solutions.
  • FasTracks: Our communities are paying into FasTracks and not getting the service people want and expect. Even our “Bus Rapid Transit” (which is not true BRT) was recently cut because of the pandemic and some of the most utilized commuter routes have been wiped out. As Commissioner, I will work to get critical routes restored (like the FF2, FF4, and LX1) as well as getting a rail plan on track to deliver rail to our region through the partnerships with Amtrak on Front Range Passenger Rail. It is critical that we finally get service, while ensuring that we don’t get stuck paying the bill twice.
  • Coordinated Planning: We need to coordinate our transportation planning and systems with SVVSD, BVSD, and CU.

My record on transportation:

  • Supported creation of the first ever City of Louisville Transportation Master Plan
  • Worked as a DRCOG Board Member on the Transportation Improvement Program process to bring additional secured funding to our area
  • Supported creation and implementation of a sustainable model in Louisville for transportation asset management
  • Supported multimodal safety improvements in Louisville
  • Commissioner appointed member of the County free fare working group
  • Supported MyRide program in Louisville
  • Supported successful reconfiguration of several local roads right sizing them with enhanced bike lanes for safer travel
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