Disaster Response and Preparedness

  • Disaster recovery team: We need to bolster our disaster recovery team resources in order to respond to emergencies right from the second they happen.
  • Emergency notification: I am committed to support the needed upgrades to modernize our county 911 system. Our current emergency notification system is not sufficient. We urgently need to invest in solutions that effectively notify people when danger is present.
  • Evacuation routes: We need improvements to our plans and infrastructure so that people can evacuate quickly when needed. We also need to improve communication so that we can let people specifically know which routes to take when there is an evacuation. This effort needs to be multijurisdictional and include local governments, school districts, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and all Rail operations (BNSF et al).
  • Resilience: We need to harden our buildings and ensure that property is more resilient when fires, floods, and other disasters strike.
  • Communication resources: We must strengthen our emergency communication.
  • Mental health: Our mental health safety net needs to be better integrated into disaster response services to help those that are impacted by these events.

Disaster response record:

  • I have served as an elected official in response to several climate disasters, including the 2013 flood, the 2018 hailstorm, the landslide in Coyote Run, and now the Marshall Fire.
  • COVID 19 Track record
    • Supported over $1,000,000 in direct grants to businesses and people most hard hit by the pandemic
    • Spearheaded local mask order when State and County did not have one in place in 2020
    • Coordinated community mask making and distribution in early 2020
    • Secured donations of over 50,000 masks to the community that were delivered to Community Food Share and Sister Carmen
    • Initiated waste water testing for COVID RNA in March of 2020 (MIT partnership)
  • Completed disaster response scenario and emergency training
  • Professional experience with Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Appointed by the Governor to the Mile High Flood District 2020-2022 and reappointed 2022-2024
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