As someone who has fought for climate action in every room I am in, I couldn’t be more honored to earn support from the Sierra Club. From protecting our open space, capping wells, banning harmful chemicals from our lands, and reducing carbon emissions – I will continue to make sure Boulder County remains an innovative climate leader. 

Andrew Romanoff Ashley Stolzmann

Former Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff

“Ashley has taken bold action to combat the effects of climate change in our community. As Mayor of Louisville, she led the effort to adopt the first Net Zero Building Code in the state, switched city buildings to all green electricity, and passed a 25-cent bag tax to reduce plastic waste. She understands the urgency of our climate crisis and has the experience and tenacity to tackle our community’s greatest challenges one day on as the next Boulder County Commissioner.” Former Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff

County Commissioner Matt Jones

I encourage you to join me in supporting Mayor Ashley Stolzmann for County Commissioner.  Rarely has there been a clearer choice for county commissioner.  Ashley will use her hard-earned experience in local government to fight for climate action, housing affordability and equity.  She will continue to work to help Marshall Fire survivors recover from another climate fueled disaster.

Former Boulder County Commissioner Candidate Lisa Widdekind

I am endorsing Ashley Stolzmann for County Commissioner. I have admired her commitment to climate as demonstrated by her steadfastness on a net zero building code for Louisville. Together, we also share a strong commitment to improving the work environment for all Boulder County employees.

Endorsed By State Leaders: Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Representative Tracey Bernett, and Former Senator Mike Foote

Boulder & Mountain Area Elected Supporters

  • Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett
  • Former Boulder Mayor Leslie Durgin
  • Former Boulder Mayor Matt Applebaum
  • Boulder Council Member Bob Yates
  • Former Boulder Council Member Tim Plass
  • Former BVSD Board of Education Member Laurie Albright
  • Nederland Mayor Kristopher Larsen
  • Former Boulder Council Member Macon Cowles

Longmont and East County Elected Supporters:

  • Longmont Mayor Joan Peck
  • Former Longmont Mayor Brian Bagley
  • Louisville Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Maloney
  • Louisville Former Mayor Bob Muckle
  • Louisville Council Member Kyle Brown
  • Louisville Council Member Caleb Dickenson
  • Louisville Council Member Deb Fahey
  • Louisville Council Member Chris Leh
  • Louisville Council Member Maxine Most
  • Erie Trustee Sara Loflin
  • Former Superior Trustee Sandie Hammerly
  • Former Lafayette Mayor Jamie Harkins
  • Former Lafayette Mayor Christine Berg
  • Lafayette Council Member Tim Barnes
  • Lafayette Council Member Stephanie Walton
  • Superior Council Member Tim Howard
  • Superior Council Member Paige Henchen
  • Superior Council Member Neal Shah
  • Former Superior Trustee Sandy Pennington

Regional Elected Supporters & Community Leaders

  • Broomfield Mayor Guyleen Castriotta
  • Denver City Council Member Robin Kniech
  • Denver City Council Member Paul Kashmann
  • Northglenn Mayor Pro Tem Jenny Willford
  • Transportation Commissioner Karen Stuart
  • Arvada Council Member Bob Fifer
  • David Hsu Community Leader
  • Nick Novello Community Leader
  • John Shaw Community Leader
  • Sue Larson Community Leader